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Italian Art Touch concept derives from the richest land in terms of original and ancient evidences on Mediterranean civilization, such as Renaissance capitals, and from the millennial archeological basins of Etruscans, Romans, and Greeks.
This idea made possible to create unique and completely hand-made pieces. Shapes and colors allow viewers to experience extraordinary feelings through this collection, also by virtue of the emphasized and fascinating connection between artists and natural materials. The creative genius portrayed in these objects will bring a touch of Italy to your interior design.
Thanks to Italian Art Touch you will be able to make a gift to someone important to you, to seal an indelible moment or, more simply, to please yourself with a unique object by “Italian Art Touch”. Finally, if you need a particular object for your house or a specific gift, please contact us and we will try to satisfy your expectations.





“In the heart of Italy, the land of sea, wind and fire, Mother Earth has sealed an ancient deal between nature energies and human finest skills. A legendary covenant has originated an extraordinary beauty out of time. An overwhelming beauty, enlightened by the sun, renews and reveals everyday landscapes and artists’ works expressed through the ages. A unique nature, an original character, a precious sensitivity to past, to present and to future things that can be simply defined as Italian.












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